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ethical and organic and/or safe food cultivation,

Let’s develop Ethical Community Supply Chain.

We are ethical and rights base social entrepreneurship development entity, possibly the 1st Ethical community base supply chain here. We have been working to develop farmers doing ethical cultivation in more than 400 acres of land owned by the farmers and their families. This entity operates farmer’s schools to teach them the process of safe food cultivation, seedbed, also plan to start preparing organic/natural input (the fertilizer and pest control) by using the bio slurry of their own carbon free energy plant. We provide all technical support to the farmer’s families as we include their women in to the project to give modern skill on indigenous crafting they already have and provide support to produce fashion wear and accessories. I also facilitate to promote the products to the market. Apart from this my team works with the children for their better education and health, more over their rights too. All the expenses come from the subscription of the basic supplies (electrification and revenue of the fertilizer sale). We also plan to establish a greater organization and food processing and export unit in future. We are looking for the entities and/or person/s to be interested to provide fund/soft loan and step forward to make our organic/safe food cultivation, recycle and ethical crafting (which is an ethical concept too) project successful and do profit.

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